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Martina Kunar

Senior Marketing Producer

Martina Kunar is a Senior Marketing Producer at Kelley Green Consulting. Martina joined the agency in 2012 and has consistently proven herself as an invaluable member of the KGC team for over half a decade. Tackling the agency’s most intricate marketing projects, Martina’s responsibilities include copywriting and editing, competitive research, narrative development, social media posting, presentation creation and performance marketing, among other notable duties to drive overall client and agency expansion. As an expert communicator and storyteller with a strong passion for her work and her clients, Martina takes pride in her ability to take on multiple tasks and quickly turn them around with ease.

Prior to working at Kelley Green Consulting, Martina began her career working at the Rachel Ray show, where she executed essential production tasks such as research for shows, scouting locations, as well as important clerical duties. Following her work at Rachel Ray, Martina spent years consulting businesses in the food, retail and manufacturing industries, creating and implementing robust websites and social media strategies.

Martina is a graduate of SUNY Geneseo and lives in the Hudson Valley with her fiancé. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.