Lisa Larson-Kelley  Co-founder, CEO

Lisa Larson-Kelley

Co-founder, CEO

Lisa Larson-Kelley is the co-founder and CEO of Kelley Green Consulting. Over the past decade, she has grown the company from a small two-person enterprise into a sought-after boutique marketing services agency. With her extensive background in programming and design, Lisa brings a deep understanding of the developer ecosystem and is able to successfully bridge the gap between tech-talk and marketing-speak.  

Lisa is an online-video industry veteran, published author, and a certified expert in emerging technologies. She is a passionate trainer and avid speaker at technology and marketing conferences worldwide. Her Youtube channel, Brain Snacks, publishes bite-sized learning tutorials. With a knack for taking complex concepts and making them accessible, it is her passion to empower people through technology. Lisa has executed complex digital marketing strategies for the likes of Facebook, Google, Adobe, and Microsoft, as well as many video-centric startups. Staying plugged in to the latest advancements, her agency is well versed in the latest in artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and how we can use technology’s power for good.

Lisa enjoys nature, drumming, and geeking out with her daughter. She resides with her family in Nyack, NY.